Welcome to Hachioji Festival!

You will see a total of nineteen floats at Hachioji Festival, a leading parade-float festival in Kanto region.
The spetacular display of sculptures brought to life by the glow of the fire, and the floats making there rounds, battling rival floats, "Buttsuke", a type of festival musical face-off, are a must-see.
At the festival, you will see the vatious traditions and cultural beauties of Hachioji, such as the transferring of deity using a portable shrine, the lion dance, which is a traditional performance art that has been kept as a tradition at local shrines, the Great Kanto Taiko Drumming Battle sending its vigorous beats into the night sky, and the folk dancing parade, which involves 4000 dancers wearing yukata kimonos filling the Koshu Kaido Route.
Please enjoy the midsummer festival, held for three consecutive days!

Held on: August 2 (Fri), 3 (Sat), 4 (Sun), 2019
Venue: Nishi Hoshasen U-Road, JR Hachioji Station North Exit
Accessing the venu from the nearest station Hachioji station on the JR Chuo Line (5-minute walk)
Keio-Hachioji Station on the Keio Line (10-minute walk)
Nishi-Hachioji Station on the JR Chuo Line (12-minute walk)

Schedule for August 2(Fri)3(Sat)

Schedule for August 4(Sun)

Hachioji Festival awaits your Visit!
Ninteen floats will be paraded in a magnificent display along the Koshu Kaido Route.
Watch the passion and spirit of Hachioji citizens.
*Please keep an eye on your children as there will be many visitors.
*It is very dangerous to be too the parade floats.

[Getting Here By Car]
Traffic congestion is expected near the venue on the festival dates.
We recommend you not to come by car.
If you do come by car, please refer to the information on parking spaces located near Hachioji Station.

[Throwing Away Trash]
Several recycle stations have been set up in the Hachioji Festival venue. Please support our efforts to keep this venue clean, by throwing trach into the trash cans, instead of throwong it onto the ground.

[Smoking on the Streets]
On January 1, 2007, a city-wide regulation against smoking on the streets was enforced smoking while walking on the streets of the city is prohibited.